The Original Freedom

Driving more than five minutes without seeing another vehicle is quite rare. Even when you think you’ve made it far enough outside city limits, you’re bound to run into a fellow fugitive of the flurry.

But every so often, when you’re feeling especially brave or particularly fed up, you hazard a little further. Past the weather-worn road signs, onto the seemingly-unpassable gravel, through the overgrown brush. And then you find it--singular solace.

An unthinkable place where text messages and time don’t matter. Where the sound of wind through trees is louder than your thoughts. Where a sun-bleached deer vertebrate is uniquely beautiful. Where nature is the only governing body and you can make your own rules.

You may only visit this place occasionally--on a long holiday weekend or an all-too-infrequent summer vacation--but when you find it you know, it’s the original freedom.

Words by Angie Pascale